Monday, August 17, 2009

Lunch at Cinderella's Royal Table

Finally, we were able to eat with in Cinderella's castle. I have been trying for the last 3 trips to get reservations here and was finally able to score them! I was on cloud 9 the day I made the reservations.

After check in to CRT we waited in line for about 10 minutes and then were allowed inside to the line to wait for pictures with Cinderella herself. It was cool to be able to spend some time checking out the interior of the room. The stained glass windows are awesome
and we even found Gus and Jaq perched on a ledge.
The cast members in charge of the line here were unnecessarily bossy and could have been labeled the line police. It was being repeated over and over that we had to line up against the rope and then when in the part of the line going straight towards Cindy the groups were being told they HAD to stand shoulder to shoulder to fit as many people in as possible. They really did not contribute to making the experience "magical". They really needed a dose of pixie dust. We felt very rushed through seeing Cinderella, but they did allow us to take pictures with 2 different groups, one with H by herself
and then one with the 3 generations.
Once finished with pictures we started our ascent to the dining room. The whole feel of the meal changed there. They were just introducing the first princess, Snow White, and had us wait until she walked out to be seated. We were seated and promptly greeted by out server who took our drink orders.
We were brought 2 nice appetizer platters to snack on while we decided what we were having. While we waited on our lunch we took these pictures of the dining room.

I decided on the penne pasta, my mom and hubby ordered the Major Domo's pie and H got a hot dog. Our server was wonderful and was right there to help us with anything. He made a point of hinting to me that everything (meaning special dessert) was taken care of. Everyone really enjoyed there meals and there was more than enough food for us.

We saw Snow White,
Belle in her provincial dress
and Jasmine.

H ready for the wishing ceremony...

After waiting patiently for H and I to finish our lunches, our waiter brought out the desserts. The three adults had gotten the Chocolate Cream Cheese Buckle and H got an ice cream sundae. The buckle dessert was phenomenal and very rich.
Little did H know but there was a special surprise coming her way...

A chocolate slipper dessert for the little princess. I had been on the fence with ordering this and almost forgot but called the day before and they were still able to put the order in. She absolutely loved it!

Here she is on the way out of the castle. This was an awesome experience for any little princess!

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The Brat Pack said...

OMG, it cracks me up that you posted this about the line police. The entire time we were there last time we always referred to the "line Nazis" at the castle. They were overly rude and pushy IMO.

I just love being inside the castle, you can't beat it for location. The dessert turned out fabulous!