Saturday, August 8, 2009

Walt Disney World - August 2009 - Day One

We spent our first day at the world in Hollywood Studios. Our first stop was the animation studio building so we could see the Up characters. This is one of our new favorite family movies. It wasn't quite time for the Up characters so we waited for Sorcerer Mickey first.

Then the wait for Up. We weren't disappointed. Russell got so excited when he saw he was on H's shirt.
Carl pointed out the Dug and Kevin on her shorts. We even got a cute photopass pic with Carl putting his hand under hubby's Carl shirt.

After that we went to check on wait times for Tower of Terror and picked up fast passes for that and we able to get some of the last seats for Beauty and The Beast. H loved the show and was so excited when the beast transformed. The transformation is her favorite part.

Next was lunch, since I had been hearing good things about the Starring Rolls Bakery we ate there. My hubby had a roast beef sandwich and my mom and I had a turkey sandwich on foccacia. Both sandwiches were excellent, we would definitely eat here again for lunch. We got a Napoleon for dessert, it was good but a little soggy. I decided I would just wait next time to get one of those in France at EPCOT.

After lunch we headed to the Great Movie Ride. This is one of H's new favorites. We were lucky enough to get the cowboy sequence which we hadn't seen before. Next on the tour was a Indiana Jones, hubby had never seen it before and wanted to try it. The show was good but not what he expected. H was bored during the non-action sequences.

Then onto one of my favorites, Muppetvision 3D. Loved it as usual! Inside the muppet gift shop we got H started on her first pins for Disney pin trading. Even though she's a very social kid, this is really a great experience for her to socialize with adults.

We used out fast passes for Tower of Terror next. This was H's first time on it and even though she's four the faster and spinnier the better. We just kept telling her we were in the basement of the hotel and needed to get on the elevator. I think as we were going up she wasn't quite sure what to think, but once we dropped the first time she was laughing and excited. When it stopped she yelled, laughing, "THAT ELEVATOR GOES UP AND DOWN FAST!" When I asked her at bedtime what her favorite part of the day was Tower of Terror was it!

It was getting to be time to head out for the clambake at the Beach Club so we stopped in the animation building. I had heard a lot of characters show up towards the end of the day and did they ever! We saw Jafar, Friar Tuck, Mary Poppins and Mr. Penguin, Pocahontas and Meeko, Gov. Radcliffe, Foulfellow, The Queen from Snow White, the Queen of Hearts, Pinocchio and Gepetto, and Minnie and Pluto. We didn't get to meet all of them, but it was awesome!

Gov. Radcliffe had to check my hand and then tried to steal my rings!

Max and Goofy had a great time with H. First was a group hug,
then Max stole her pin lanyard and put it on his nose

and was swinging it around,
Max signed her book on her head.

They definitely were in a playful mood.

We went to dinner at the Beach Club. The Cape May Cafe's clambake buffett was awesome! All of our food was great. They only complaint was the drawn butter to dip the clams in was cold. They did eventually remedy that for us. Overall a good experience and it will go on our repeat visit list.

Day one was a success. Tomorrow EPCOT!



Anonymous said...

Love your first day photos, her outfit is awesome. I bookmarked you and I will keep following. Have a great trip !!!
disneymomof1 on the Dis

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Thanks for sharing that!

I can see how much fun H is having!

Of course, her outfits sooooo complete the fun!

Khyra's Mom

The Brat Pack said...

I didn't realize you were blogging the trip already, I was all excited to see this! ;)

I have not tried Starring Rolls, but I'll put it on my list now.

Looks like a great day... how are the crowds??

Cathy said...

This is so awesome!!! Love that you got to me the Up characters and they loved the designs!!! How cool! What a great day at HS!!! Love the tr so far!!!